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Together, As One!

Join us in the coming together of neighborhoods and livelihoods.


Community Commons collects the hopes and dreams of Twin Cities’ small business owners and entrepreneurs. We celebrate through this shared space to continue the exchange of goods and services — fostering brighter futures for all people, from all neighborhoods.

The story of community commons

United by purpose and passion, we create common ground for small, BIPOC-owned businesses with big dreams. Interrupted by the woes of 2020, we rebuild new foundations of opportunity:

Community Commons facilitates the continuing progress of entrepreneurs and offers the opportunity to expand into new audiences and markets inside of a cooperative retail space.

Mall of America is providing real estate and retail fixtures as well as marketing and promotional materials for every business within Community Commons. Helping each company put their best foot forward as part of the world-renowned shopping destination.

Success Stories

Progress made through growing passion.

Witness the success stories of previous Community Commons businesses as they speak to their fulfilling experiences.


Community Commons success stories include: Urban 29Fabulous Diva Boutique, Llakta, 4THELOVE, Herbal Alchemy, La Michoacana Purepecha and Dauren.

Artistic Expressions

Juxtaposition Arts is a creative development organization in North Minneapolis that trains and employs and develops the talents of young creatives in art, design, fashion and architecture.

For this project, JXTA partnered with KNOCK, inc. and the Mall of America to bring a bright and bold art experience and energy to the Community Commons retail space.